The Best Flea & Ticks Products for Hong Kong Pets

Hi Pet Parents,

It’s Dr David here. It’s that time of year again when we start seeing lots of fleas and ticks coming out, so if your dog or cat isn’t on flea prevention, I’d highly recommend starting now. Fleas are a nuisance, and cause itching and dermatitis, and can transmit worms and disease. Ticks are more serious, and can carry a deadly disease called tick fever.  

One thing that’s even more concerning is we have seen some counterfeit flea and tick products in the market which are not effective, and in some cases can be dangerous.  

In my opinion, for dogs the best all-round flea, tick and heartworm preventative is NexGard Spectra, and the best flea-and-tick only product is Bravecto. For cats, I really like Selehold. This is the new equivalent of Revolution (which isn’t available anymore), and treats worms, fleas, mites and mange.  

I’ve made up a chart to help pet parents decide which is the best option for them, and if you’d like any more information on fleas or ticks please contact us – we’re here to help. And remember – only buy flea, tick and heartworm medicine from a reputable source such as Vetopia. Bad treatment from untrusted sources is worse than no treatment. 

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Here comes my recommendation to all pets owners.

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