Improving Skin Health

itchy cat

 Strengthening the skin barrier and improving overall skin health is a vital component in management of skin allergies. In addition to the hypoallergenic skin diets discussed in Limiting Allergen Exposure, skin supplements rich in Omega-3 oil and skin-protective nutritional products can naturally reduce the body response to allergens, helping reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

These Omega-3 products are completely natural supplements and can greatly reduce the need for medications and drugs. They are very safe and have no significant side-effects or danger. Some Omega-3 products such as Missing Link and Omega3 Capules can be added to a cat's regular diet.

All dogs and cats who are affected by skin allergies should have an Omega-3 supplement.

If you would like further information on skin allergy causes, treatment and management please let us know. It can’t be fun to be a constantly itchy and irritated dog or cat, and we’re happy to discuss and help to formulate an all-over strategy for managing skin irritation.