Lifestyle Modifications for Arthritis


In addition to diet, a healthy lifestyle is important not only to maintain body weight, but also muscular strength and skeletal health, supporting the joints. Animals with arthritis should still exercise, although the exercise should be in a controlled manner. The exact requirements vary depending on the severity of arthritis, but in general flat-surface exercise, and shorter more frequent walks are most suitable.

Swimming and other low impact exercise can also be very helpful for dogs with arthritis as long as your dog is a comfortable swimmer.


Arthritic dogs often feel stiff first thing in the morning or after a nap. Providing your dog with a supportive orthopedic mattress will reduce the impact on his joints while sleeping and make it easier to get up. There is a newly developed canine orthopedic mattress that is veterinary approved and suitable for all dogs available here.


If your dog has difficulty getting up or down stairs, into and out of cars or other issues while walking a harness may be a good option. We have a great range here.

Food Bowls

Dogs with joint issues often fid it difficult to bend down to floor level to eat and drink. An eleveated food and water bowl should be used if possible.


Older dogs often find hard flooring difficult to navigate, particularly if they have weak hind legs. Where possible, rugs or other covers should be used to give your dog more confidence in these areas of the house.

Please let us know if you’d like any more information on any of the above features or treatments for arthritis. Although it can greatly affect quality of life, arthritis is very treatable and with a little effort the progression of the condition can be greatly slowed, or even reversed

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