Our Mission

Working as a vet, I was regularly asked which pet foods I thought were the best, which pet products I liked, and what I used for my own dogs and cats. And one day the idea struck me: why not set up a website with all of the pet products that we, the vets, nurses, technicians and staff at Creature Comforts, use for our own pets?

That was the day Vetopia was born.

We initially started Vetopia as little website that our clients could use to get information and place orders for pet food, but Vetopia grew rapidly and what began as a side-hobby has become a thriving online community.

Our mission has always been to educate owners about what we believe are the best products for pets, to provide personalised service and recommendations, and to deliver products efficiently and carefully to your home, at a fair price.

We also want Vetopia to be a source of information for pet owners in Hong Kong, and have detailed medical sections covering common pet conditions, ailments and general care.

And because Vetopia began life as a sister company of Creature Comforts Veterinary Group, and is overseen directly by a veterinarian, we are uniquely placed to offer prescription diet and supplement delivery to your pets, including Royal Canin Veterinary and Hills Prescription diets.