Nutritional supplements have a large role in the the treatment of arthritis and repair of damaged joints. Supplements are not pharmaceutical drugs, but instead work by nourishing and supporting joint cartilage and bone, increasing healing and reducing inflammation.

Cartilage repair supplements such as glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin have a major role in management of arthritis. These products act as building blocks for the damaged cartilage, allowing rapid repair and regeneration of the arthritic joint surface. We will often start by giving animals a short course of cartilage repair injections such as Cartrophen or Pentosan to boost the body levels of the supplement, then switch over to a supplement pill or treat such as Missing Link, Glycoflex Chews or Technyflex capsules that are given daily. 

Omega-3 essential oils are also valuable in treatment of arthritis, and have a good natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect on joints, helping reduce joint damage.

These supplements are very safe and have no significant side effects, and are an excellent long-term support for animals with arthritis. They can also significantly reduce the amount of stronger medication and drug treatment required. All dogs and cats who have arthritis should be taking nutritional supplements to help.

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