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Vetopia Next Pet Model - FINALE🎊🎊

Thank you for all of your entries in our Vetopia Next Pet Model contest. We received so many amazing photos, so many cute and handsome dogs and cats of all breeds, shapes and sizes, as well as so many other beautiful birds, tortoises, lizards and more.

Dr David Gething and the Vetopia team were so excited to see all of our furry friends on Instagram, and Dr David got in trouble from the Vetopia team for picking too many prize winners - his excuse was “I couldn’t help myself… They were all such great entrants”.

After some very tough choices, we are thrilled to announce that we have found Vetopia's next pet models! Our winners are @westfacemomo and @boocorgi. Congratulations!

MoMo is a British Shorthair Mix, though she always has a poker face, her cute act will melt your heart! Boo is an active outgoing corgi who always has a big smile on his face.

Congratulations to MoMo & Boo again, you guys will take part in our upcoming outdoor and online advertisements.

We have chosen the 50 runner-up winners from Vetopia Next Pet Model search! Congratulations! We will contact the winners to arrange for your prize of a digital canvas painting or your pet.

As a special prize, the top 20 runners up will also receive a Buddy Box, our monthly subscription box full of toys, treats and fun for your dog.

For now, let's do some playback with the selected pets. =)

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