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Dechra - Cat-lax Feline Laxative

A palatable gel which aids in the elimination and prevention of hair balls in cats
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Dechra - Cat-lax Feline Laxative

Dechra - Cat-lax Feline Laxative

Dechra - Cat-lax Feline Laxative

CAT LAX® is a specially formatted feline laxative that helps prevent and eliminate hair balls in cats. CAT LAX works to quickly clear up your cat's digestive system and prevent hairball formation.

Made from cod liver oil, caramel, lecithin, malt syrup, white petrolatum, vitamin E, and purified water, which all work to improve your cat's digestive health. Best of all, CAT LAX is formulated to have a pleasant taste, so that your cat will enjoy taking it.

Hair balls are uncomfortable for cats and can be messy to clean up, so prevent them from forming with CAT LAX®!

Direction of Use

For hairball removal, CAT LAX should be administered daily (by mouth) to quickly clear up the problem. To prevent future formations of hair balls, CAT LAX should be given 2-3 times a week, or as directed by your veterinarian

Package Size

56.7g (2oz)


  1. No more hairball Review by MJ

    This stuff is great. Tthe cats actually like it . I get attacked by the three kitties to see who gets it first & it really works No more furball. (Posted on 5/27/2016)

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