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Kazoo Double Sided Flea Comb

To tackle flea season the right way

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Kazoo Double Sided Flea Comb

Kazoo Double Sided Flea Comb

Kazoo Double Sided Flea Comb

To tackle flea season the right way, you are going to need the right tools. This Kazoo Flea Comb is perfect for both long and short haired pets and will help you combat ticks fast. 

Kazoo's smaller flea comb is double sided with two variations types of comb. One side has very fine teeth while the other has a regular density, so it will work well regardless of your dog's fur type. The comb is so easy to use - it is small and fits well in your hand. The teeth are not sharp so won't itch or scratch your dog as you groom them.

The easiest way to clean out flea debris is to bathe your dog first and brush them with a regular grooming brush first to untangle their fur. As they are drying off, gently brush through their fur, starting from their tail and going all the way up to their neck. Be sure to check and remove any fleas or flea dirt after each stroke. This process may need to be repeated depending on what flea treatments are being used and the severity of the fleas. 

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