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Behavioural Issues for Cats

Although cats may appear superior and seem to live a life of relaxation and satisfaction, it is all often all just an act. Cats are the domestic pet most vulnerable to behavioural issues, especially anxiety related problems.

Hong Kong living does lead to some unique challenges which can make behavioural issues more likely in cats. Many cats spend all of their lives indoors and have very little contact with other animals or people. This means they are less familiar with new situations, and are much more likely to become anxious or nervous if confronted with a change or new arrival. Owners also often work long hours or travel frequently in Hong Kong, increasing the chances of loneliness, boredom and anxiety. This is very different to cats living in other countries, who often have much larger houses or gardens to roam in, providing new experiences, activities and entertainment. Although we can’t change the Hong Kong lifestyle, there is a lot we can do to help provide safety and stimulation for indoor cats.

The two most common anxiety-related issues in cats are overgrooming, where a cat excessively licks their coat, and protest elimination, where a cat purposefully goes to the toilet outside their litter tray. There is more information about these issues on here Overgrooming and Protest Elimination. And for every problem there’s always a solution, which we’ve discussed here at Solving Anxiety Issues in Cats.

Scratching can be a normal behaviour for cats when they’re marking their territory, but it can also be used in an aggressive manner. Some cats can also show aggression issues, such as biting or attacking other family members, both feline and otherwise. Please click the link for more information and Scratching and Aggressive Behaviour on We’ve also laid out some useful solutions here Solving Scratching and Aggression Issues in Cats.

Cat behavioural issues can be quite tricky to diagnose and to solve – cats often become anxious and upset at seemingly minor changes or irritations. In many cases it can be difficult to determine the exact cause, and owners often need to go through a period of trial and error to figure out exactly what is upsetting their cat. However, following the suggestions above with a stimulating environment, a private area for the cat to sleep and using a product such as Feliway if necessary will greatly help.

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