Oral Health and Dental Issues

Healthy teeth and gums are in important part of an overall healthy body. Dirty teeth act as a magnet for bacteria and infection, and gum disease can allow these bacteria to enter the bloodstream and the body, causing serious health issues.

There are three important steps for healthy teeth and gums - a healthy diet, at-home dental care and a regular veterinary check-up.

Dental friendly diet

A healthy diet generally includes dry pet food to encourage chewing and help keep the teeth tartar free. In some cases your vet may recoomend a special dental food such as Hills T/D or Royal Canin Oral Care that is formulated to provide extra dental cleaning.  Hills Science Diet Oral Care is another great choice and doesn't require a prescription. These diets are all available online at Vetopia.com.hk.

At home dental care

At-home dental care includes giving your dog or cat dental treats, rawhide chewing strips, chew toys or raw bones to encourage chewing and help keep teeth and gums healthy.

Animals will also benefit from having their teeth brushed, although some pets may not take too kindly to teeth brushing, so it is recommended to start from early age to get them used to it. We offer a variety of at home dental products for dogs here and for cats here.

Veterinary dental check

During your pet's regular annual veterinary examination, your vet will carefully check your pet's teeth and gums, looking for any signs or tartar, decay and cavities. If there are any problems they can work with you to determine a solution such as at-home dental cleaning, special diets and in-hospital teeth cleaning and ultrasonic scaling. Signs that your pet may have dental issues include not chewing food, drooling, rubbing the mouth or crying while eating, and in severe cases bleeding from the gums or losing teeth.  Dental issues can usually be graded according to their severity. 

Good dental care is very important for dogs and cats. Dental tartar is essentially made up of bacteria and bacterial decay products and can have wide-ranging effects on the body, both locally in the mouth and in other organs, as this bacteria gets into the bloodstream and causes issues elsewhere. But the good news is that dental care doesn't have to be difficult - it just takes a good diet, a selection of teeth cleaning treats and products, as well as veterinary examination during your pet's normal check.