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Pet Foods In Hong Kong

Finding the right Pet Food in Hong Kong

Learn about providing your pet with the right nutrition in our beautiful city with this handy guide. Once they move to Hong Kong, one of the first questions new residents ask is about getting the basics sorted in terms of food and supplies for their beloved fur babies.

What your pet consumes has a direct effect on their health and wellbeing. Choosing to feed your animal a high quality diet has a diverse range of health benefits including improved digestion, optimal absorption of nutrients, a healthy skin and coat, reduced allergies and fewer joint problems later on in life. Conscientious pet owners should steer away from cheap supermarket brands and opt instead for the veterinarian approved brands which are widely available throughout the city.

There is a very wide range of dog and cat diets available in Hong Kong, and nearly all of the well-known brands are available, including Hill’s Science diet, Royal Canin, Orijen, Wellness, Solid Gold, Eukanuba, Iams, Pedigree, Frontline, and Purina. We can help you with online ordering on this website, and we can suggest a suitable diet if you’re not sure which diet is suitable for your pet, feel free to Contact Us. Pet foods are also available in vets and pet shops, and some of the budget varieties are available in the supermarkets.

It can be more difficult to find diets for other pets, such as small exotics (hamsters, rabbits and similar), fish and reptiles, but we’ve got that covered too in our exotic animal supplies section. The “Aquarium street” (Tung Choi Street in Mong Kok) also carries a lot of food for exotic pets and fish if you’re looking to browse in person.

If you’d like more information about types of dog food and the best way to feed your pet, there’s lots more information and helpful guides on