Recurring Order

What are the benefits of joining Vetopia's Recurring Order Program?

- At Vetopia we understand about being busy pet owners - because we are too! We hope our Recurring Order Program saves you time, gives you peace of mind and allows you to spend more time with your pets!

Awesome deals with recurring orders, including 20% off your first recurring purchase, and a 3% discount on all subsequent ones. Delivery frequency is completely up to you, ranging any time from 1 week to 6 months. And we can easily help you manage your recurring order: you can skip or cancel anytime*, swap products, change your recurring frequency, add a product or even change the quantity.

*Please note that your first three deliveries are fixed (cannot be changed, pause or cancel) but if you call us, we're always willing to do our best to be flexible, or charge back the discounted amount.

How do I create a Recurring Order?

Easy! Most items have a recurring order "Subscribe and save" tab. Just click this tab, choose your delivery frequency, add to your cart and you're good to go.

How often will my order be delivered?

- You can choose the delivery frequency that suits you, and we'll deliver your order according to your needs. We recognize that owning pets can be complicated. You might require food every month, flea and tick treatment every three months and shampoo every two months. That's why we have a lot of flexibility in our recurring order program. The longest period between recurring orders is six months.

When will I receive my order?

- You will receive your order 1-2 days after the next order date (=next charge date). The next order date means the next charge date of the frequency you chose. Example: On 1st Jan I ordered 1 bag of dog food and chose to deliver every 1 month. The next order date will be on 1st Feb and you will receive your delivery on 2nd or 3rd Feb.

Am I able to checkout with different products with different recurring frequency at the same time?

- Yes! Our recurring program works if you have different items and different delivery frequencies in the same order. We will follow your schedule to deliver your recurring items according. ** Please be reminded that each delivery must reach our minimum free delivery fee of HKD$300, otherwise a shipping fee of HKD$50 will be charged additionally.

Can I add more products to my recurring order?

- Yes you can! Log into your account and manage your subscriptions under “Recurring Order”. You can add products either on a recurring basis or a one-time purchase.

When will I be billed?

-You will be billed for your first delivery as soon as you start your subscription plan. Your next billing cycle will coincide with the date of your next delivery. You can manage your recurring order(s) any time through the ‘Recurring Order’ tab on your account information page.

Please note that we will automatically charge your credit card for payment. You don’t need to make manual payment for each recurring order.

Will I get a reminder of my upcoming recurring order?

- Yes, you will receive a reminder email of your upcoming recurring order 5 days before we place your order. You can make changes to your order up to three 3 days prior to shipment.

Please note that no changes can be made 3 days before your next recurring order is generated.

Can I cancel my recurring order?

-Yes, you may, but we do require customers to commit to a minimum of three deliveries for your recurring order. Alternatively, if the product you ordered is not suitable just let us know and we can change it to something else or change the delivery frequency (after the first 3 deliveries). Any questions please let us know, we're always happy to help.

In the event that you really need to cancel your recurring order within the first 3 deliveries, Vetopia will charge back the discount difference that you had in your previous recurring order(s). Please contact us if you need to do so.

Are there any other important points about the Recurring Order Program?

- There are a couple of points to note about our recurring order program:

1. You can't cancel the recurring order before 3 deliveries (cannot change item, quantity, skip, pause and cancel within the first 3 deliveries). But you can skip shipments or cancel any time after three deliveries.

  1. If order has to be cancelled within the first 3 deliveries, we will charge back the discount difference you received in your previous recurring orders.
  2. 3. If your order is less than HKD$300 there will be a delivery fee of $50 (as with all orders on Vetopia). Otherwise, the recurring order program is flexible and is designed to suit your needs.
  3. VetPoints and promotional discounts cannot be applied together with Recurring Order. 
  4. No changes can be made 3 days before your next recurring order generates.
  5. Prices will be adjusted according to suppliers’ price hikes automatically.
  6. Your credit card information will be collected by the subscription application to trigger payments for each upcoming order.
  7. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese T&C, the English version shall prevail.