Vet Points

Once you register on Vetopia, you are automatically welcomed as a member of VetopiaClub and start the journey with us.​

We have 3 tiers in our membership program:​

VetopiaClub: Upon registering, you will automatically enter VetopiaClub level in the loyalty program​

VetopiaLover: Once you havereached accumulative spending of $8,800 - $27,999 in 12 months ,you willmove intoVetopiaLover tier and enjoy many more benefits​VetopiaVIP:Onceyou havereached accumulative spending of $28,000 in 12 months ,you willmove intoVetopiaVIP tierautomatically and enjoy a wide range of exclusive offers​For member tier privileges, please refer to Rewards Page

A membership year lasts 12 months from the date you have enrolled, renewed, downgraded into your current tier. Upon renewal, upgrade, or downgrade, your total spending record will automatically reset and a new membership year begins.

You can maintain the VIP membership, spend $28,000 before your membership expiry date or within 12 months of the membership period. You will continue to enjoy all the VIP privileges and surprises for another year​

It's simple. Every purchase you made at any of VetopiaClub, VetopiaLover and VetopiaVIP* goes towards earning VetPoints. VetPoints can be used from 30 days after purchase.​*Your tier level and Vet Points earned are determined by spending (excluding tax and refunds) at VetopiaClub, VetopiaLover and VetopiaVIP

VetPoints expire 12 months after your latest purchase. If you do not make another purchase or complete any redemption activities within the 12 months period. Your VetPoints will be forfeited. VetPoints expiration is calculated independently from member tier each year​

That’s easy. VetPoints can be redeemed as cash or select the specific products at check out. You can also redeem theproducts directly from Rewards Page

No, VetPoints can only be used by the account holder and cannot be transferred to another party. ​

Should any items be refunded or returned, the corresponding VetPoints will be refunded to your VetPoints account. No VetPoints will be refunded as cash. The usage of VetPoints may vary from time to time at the discretion of Vetopia.