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Unlocking the Benefits of Omega Oil for Your Pet


Omega 3 oil is a natural supplement that usually comes from fish or plants, contain essential fatty acids that offer a number of health benefits. Omega 3 is most commonly available as a liquid oil or in capsules and is tasty so can be added to your pet’s regular meal.

What are My Top 5 Benefits of Omega Oil for Pets?

1. Improved cardiovascular health: Omega 3 reduces blood pressure and inflammation in the cardiovascular system, improving overall heart health.
2. Reduced inflammation: Omega 3 can reduce inflammation in pets with arthritis, allergies, and skin disorders.
3. Improved cognitive function: Omega 3 may improve memory and learning in older pets.
4. Healthier skin and coat: Omega 3 promotes healthy skin and coat, reducing dryness, itchiness, and flakiness.
5. Stronger immune system: Omega 3 can boost the immune system, improving the body's ability to fight off infections and diseases.

How Do I Choose the Best Omega Oil Supplement for My Pet?

There are a lot of Omega oil products in the market, so here are my top tips for choosing a good one:

1. Look for Omega 3 supplements that contain EPA and DHA, the two most important types of Omega 3 fatty acids.
2. Choose a reputable brand that sources their Omega 3 from high-quality, sustainable sources, such as Natural Animal Solutions, Vetriscience or FourFlax.
3. Consider the form of the supplement - liquid or chewable treats may be easier for pets to consume than capsules or pills.

Is Omega Oil Right for Your Pet? Factors to Consider Before Supplementing

While Omega 3 is generally safe for most pets, there are some cases where pets may not be able to take it. For example:

1. Pets with bleeding disorders or those on blood thinners: Omega 3 may increase bleeding time, so pets with bleeding disorders should avoid taking it or only take it under veterinary supervision.
2. Pets with seafood allergies: many Omega 3 oils are derived from fish, and this is normally considered the best source. However, in rare cases of seafood allergies, I’d recommend a plant derived oil such as FourFlax.
3. Pets with digestion that is very sensitive to oil, such as pets with severe pancreatitis, although small amounts of Omega 3 oil are unlikely to cause problems.

If you are unsure, please send us an email or ask your veterinarian.

Omega Oil Supplements for Pets: Which Brands Do I Trust?

My favourite Omega 3 is Natural Animal Solutions Omega 3. I’ve visited where it’s made in Australia and was impressed with the quality and science behind the product, which is completely natural and based on both fish oil and plant oils. I also like FourFlax, especially if I’m looking for a pure plant-based product, and Vetriscience Omega3s are great for clients looking for a capsule rather than a pour-on oil.

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