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Coronavirus outbreak: Should paw parents be worried?

We understand that there is a growing concern regarding the new coronavirus (2019-CoV or 2019-nCoV) and it’s spread within Hong Kong. We have been getting questions from concerned paw parents regarding their loved ones, in particular if their dogs and cats can get this virus from a human. The answer at the moment is No. There have been no evidence or cases thus far suggesting that a human to animal (pets in particular) tansmission can occur.

The virus has mutated so it can specifically infect humans, meaning in its current form it cannot infect animals once again. Is there a possibility for it to mutate again and infect pets down the line, this can’t be ruled out so we will keep a very close eye on and let everyone know if things change. But for now please don’t panic about your pets.

Please be safe and continue with proper precautions for your own safety and your family and friends. We know there is a mask shortage and many are worried but please. We want to emphasize that hand washing, not touching your face with unwashed hands, is just as crucial if not more so than a mask so please remember this if you’re unable to get a mask.

【Stay Safe At Home, What to do if your pets are unwell?】

We understand that it is a struggle to take your sick animals out to the clinic during this critical period, where there is extreme mask shortage during the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus. Our housecall vets and nurses are dedicated to helping concerned pawrents.

【Coronavirus updates】New arrangement for pets if an owner is confirmed as infected Covid-19. Please read below and share this with all pet owners.

【Safety is our priority】

Please be assured that our vets and nurses attend every consultation with masks, and fully sanitize their hands before and after each housecall.

Words from Creature Comforts Housecall Vet
Dr David Quach, Dr David Gething & Dr Roy Jones
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