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How to Toilet Train your Cat at Home

Cats aren’t best known for being easy to train but many cats can learn to do incredible things with the right rewards and plenty of patience. Using a litter tray is actually one of the easier things to train your cat since they are naturally very clean animals who don’t like to be in and around their own mess. Once you have reached that stage, you can then migrate to the people toilet-fairly easily. Read these tips on how to toilet train your cat and she will make you proud in no time.

Firstly, consider whether your cat really needs to be trained to use a toilet. If you have a nice outside space and a cat flap, you might not need to consider toilet training. Maybe your cat just isn’t very responsive to training in the first place or you aren’t very patient. This process can take time so unless you are very relaxed and calm, it could become stressful for both of you. However, imagine never having to empty a litter box again and you might just feel motivated to keep on going.

Next you will need to make sure you have the right pet products. You can find many different styles of cat litter and cat litter trays from pet stores and cat suppliers. Perhaps your cat is already used to a particular type and brand of litter. Keep this the same and only change one thing at a time so as not to make the process overwhelming.

If you don’t already keep the litter tray in the bathroom, move it into a spot next to a toilet to which your cat has easy access. Once she is used to it being in there, you can really start the toilet training process.

Start by raising the litter tray a few inches off the floor, you can use old books or anything that is nice and sturdy. Make sure your cat is using the tray before you raise it any higher. This can take a few weeks and the end goal is to have the tray level with the toilet seat.

The next stage is to place the tray on the toilet itself. Make sure it is stable! Nobody wants to be wobbling around and feeling vulnerable while they are doing this delicate business. Allow your cat to get used to this for a good few days before the next step.

Now you will substitute the tray for a strong plastic or mental bowl that fits inside the toilet but under the seat (not lid). Make sure you aren’t changing from your kitty’s favorite brand. This is quite a big change from what she is used to already. This is the biggest challenge, some cats will just get it right away and others will need some assistance. She may well just realize it’s easiest to stand with all four paws on the seat and hover over the litter tray. If not, gently place her paws on the seat yourself.

Now you are into the final stages. You can begin to gradually reduce the amount of litter in the bowl. This needs to be done very slowly until one day you have just a teaspoon of litter in the tray. Then you can begin to replace it with water. Add an inch per day until you have a few inches of water in the bottom.

Now you can take the bowl away altogether and never have to buy litter again! If you are following these steps and it isn’t going so smoothly, be patient and never scold your cat or get frustrated. If at any time your cat decides to rebel, just go back a stage or two until she is comfortable and repeat the process a little slower.

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