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Shipping Pets Overseas

Shipping pets overseas is not as straight forward as you may imagine. Every country has a very specific set of rules that may change without warning. Hong Kong also has its own requirements that must be met before an animal may leave the country.

As a generalisation, most destinations in Europe, continental USA, South America, and the rest of Asia do require pets to be up to date with the regular yearly vaccination (DHPPiL for dogs and FVRCP for cats) and the rabies vaccination. All pets leaving Hong Kong must have a health certificate at a registered veterinarian, and dogs must also have a current HK dog license. All documents also need to be endorsed by the government prior to travel. 

Do be aware that some countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii, South Africa, Indonesia, and Singapore have significantly more detailed requirements including blood antibody tests for rabies or other diseases, and flea or worm treatments prior to export. The procedures for Australia, NZ, Japan, Hawaii and South Africa take around 7 months, so be sure to start preparations early. One great tip is the blood tests required for these countries are valid for 2 years, so many people who are unsure about future travel plans will get the tests done early to avoid any wait if they do need to leave suddenly. 

These requirements can also change, so we highly recommend that all owners looking to ship their pets overseas employ the services of a pet export company.  

We have a lot more information about travelling with pets on Vetopia here: Travelling With Pets – Vetopia Online Store 

Pets will require an airline approved travel crate to travel on an airline. Vetopia sells a range of travel kennel of all sizes  here. 

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