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Understanding Cat Fleas: Key Facts, Symptoms, and Effective Treatments

Picture this: You’re spending a purrfect afternoon with your feline friend. As you give your kitty overlord some nice scratches on their back, you see them – little bugs making themselves home under your cat’s fur. Oh no, fleas! Impawssible! You must be kitten me! It’s a cat-astrophe! Ok, ok, I’ll stop now, but you get the gist. Cat fleas are bad, and the sky is blue. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about fleas, from the risks they bring to your household to prevention and treatment.

How bad can fleas be?

Feline flea prevention is important and not just because those creepy crawlies look disgusting! Fleas can cause your cat pain and discomfort. Not to mention they may cause other related pet problems, such as dermatitis and other allergic reactions. A flea infestation of fleas can also spread to us humans. While fleas typically do not live or breed on human bodies, they certainly can bite. They’re also carriers for both human and animal diseases. In short, you do not want fleas in your home at all.

What are some symptoms of cat fleas?

If you suspect your cat has fleas, check their body carefully! Sometimes fleas are visible on your cat’s body. You may also find black specks on your kitty’s fur, known as the “flea dirt”. These are flea faeces. However, it may not always be easy to spot fleas on your furry buddies with the naked eye. Always be sure to check for unusual behaviours from your cats. A kitty bothered by fleas often scratches, bites, or licks themselves excessively compared to their normal self-grooming routines. If your cat happens to have these symptoms, please read on for how to fix the problem.

Flea prevention and removal

     1. Keep your home clean

While cats who spend time outdoors are certainly more susceptible, indoor cats may also get fleas. Fleas may hitch a ride on human clothing, be transmitted from your other outdoor pets, or infiltrate your home via rodents. Cleaning your house regularly, especially after having guests over, will help to minimise that risk. If you find your cat regularly picking up fleas, make sure to keep their environment clean, especially washing any bedding in hot water and allowing to dry in direct sunlight, which will kill flea eggs. 

  1. Choose a good flea preventative

There are different types of flea preventatives in the market that aim to prevent fleas and combat them at different stages of their life cycles. Your options may vary, depending on your pet’s specific needs, allergy concerns, or even their temperaments. If your furry buddy is a picky eater, a cat flea drop may be a more favourable option than a tablet.

Looking for cat flea preventatives? We recommend Revolution’s Flea, Tick And Worm Preventation or Bravecto Plus Spot-on For Cats. They are both applied as a flea drop on the back of the neck. They are both very safe and effective, and will get rid of any fleas, flea eggs, ticks and mites. And they both also treat many other bugs and nasties like stomach worms and lice. Revolution is used once monthly, whereas Bravecto is only needed once every 2 months. Find out more on our website now.

  1. Consider a vet appointment

If your cat has lots of fleas, bad dermatitis (red, itchy skin), or hair loss, having your vet check is always the safest option. Your vet will be able to design a treatment plan best suited for your cat’s needs. 

  1. Use a flea comb

Flea combs are designed to gently remove fleas during grooming.  Simply hold your cat still and run the comb through all their fur. We recommend Porta Flea Collecting Comb for effective flea removal. If your cat has sensitive skin, we also recommend rubbing a small amount of leave-in conditioner such as Aloveen Intensive Conditioner to help sooth skin and prevent dermatitis. 

  1. Have consistent checkups

Make sure your pet’s routine checkups are on schedule. Your vet will be able to spot early signs of any unnoticed issues and nip them in the bud.

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