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3 Must-Have Supplements for Senior Dogs

Good nutrition is vital for every dog, irrespective of his or her age. However, once your dog becomes older, it is even more important to look after him properly and invest in the best pet supplies that will help increase the quality of life of your canine. Luckily, due to improved dietary habits and veterinary care, dogs are now living longer than they ever have before. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover the three must-have supplements for your senior dog.


The One for Healthy Skin and Heart

VetriScience - Omega 3,6,9

VetriScience Omega 3, 6, 9 is designed to support skin and heart health. It’s a complete fatty acid formula that is rich in DHA, EPA, GLA, and ALA. It makes sure that your dog gets a healthy blend of the fatty acids it needs, which are vital to body health. This supplement also assists with the development and growth of the nervous system, the support of the immune system, and it helps dogs with skin problems by playing a critical role in cell membrane structure.

 The amount of VetriScience Omega 3, 6, 9 your dog takes will depend on their weight. If your dog weighs more than 30 lbs., they will need to take a gel cap per every 30 lbs. of their body weight per day. If they weight between 15 and 30 lbs. they need to take one gel cap every day. If they weigh less than 15 lbs. they should only have a gel cap every other day.


The One for Everyday Health

VetriScience - Canine Plus Bite Sized Chews

Next, we have dog chew that goes above and beyond what is typically found on the market. VetriScience Canine Plus Bite Sized Chews feature in excess of 55 synergistic factors that are not always found in ordinary supplements or dog food supplies. This is a complete multi-vitamin formula that contains the right balance of antioxidants, digestive enzymes, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and more. These chews have been especially designed to help the overall well being of your dog, and thus they help to support mental health, circulatory health, cardiovascular health, the immune system, and skin and coat health.

Again, the number of chews your dog takes will depend on their weight. If your dog weighs more than 70 lbs., they will need three chews per day. If your dog weighs between 20 and 70 lbs., they will need two chews daily. Finally, if they weight less than 20 lbs., they should only have one chew a day.


The One for Joint Support

VetriScience - Glyco Flex 3 Bite Sized Chews

The third and final option to consider out of all the dog health products available is VetriSciebce Glyco Flex 3 Bite Sized Chews. These chews are ideal for senior dogs because they provide joint support, and thus help with mobility, flexibility, and comfort. This formula contains L-glutathione and grape seed extract as well as high levels of DMG, manganese, MSM, and glucosamine.

 Initially, for the first four to six weeks, your dog should have five chews per day if it weighs more than 100 lbs., four chews daily if it weighs between 61 and 100 lbs., two chews every day if it weighs between 31 and 60 lbs., and finally one chew per day if it weighs less than 30 lbs. The amount will reduce after this period.

Just like us, as dogs age their nutritional requirements vary. To ensure your pup is getting the most out of his ‘golden years’, be sure to check out all of  Vetopia dog products that are suitable for older canines. We specialise in offering a wide range of products that have been approved by vets and are available at low prices. Give your senior dog the special treatment he deserves by bringing home our must-have supplements today.

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