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New Year’s Pet Resolutions

I can think of three good general new years resolutions for my pets: Health, happiness and fitness.To me, being healthy means a good balanced diet, up to date on the routine health care (such as vaccinations, flea and tick prevention), and making sure any lingering medical issues are under control.These are all simple problems and are usually easily sorted, but are often left on the back-burner or forgotten about. Make a date to get everything addressed and under control – it won’t take long once you put your mind to it.

A happy pet is one that is loved, cared for and enjoyed. Make sure to spend time every day with your pet. Play with them, take them for a walk, enjoy some time together, nurture the human-animal bond.Try a new activity or game - whatever works for you and them. You’ll certainly get back as much as you put in, and you’ll be surprised how much the relationship between you and your pet can strengthen and grow.

Fitness is a key element in health and happiness for both pets and people. Make sure your dog or cat has enough regular exercise. I know it can be difficult with some pets – especially the lazy cat, but use a little inventiveness and there’s always a way. I think that dogs should go for at least one walk a day, and cats love to play with a laser pointer or toy mouse.

There’s lots more information out there if you’re looking for information on diets, health care, medical issues, general pet care and fitness. Why not make 2017 the year of getting fit, happy and healthy, for both you and your pet.

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