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Pet rescue – Stories of pets rescuing their owners

Our pets all give us love, comfort, and happiness. But, for some pet owners, their little fluffy friends have gone one step further; they have given them life. Tales of animals rescuing their owners are truly heartwarming, and we have put together a collection of the best below.

Dog saves boy from cougar

Let’s begin with one of the most incredible pet rescue stories; an 18-month-old Golden Retriever saving an 11-year-old boy from a much bigger cougar. Austin Forman was doing what most young children do – playing in his yard – when, out of nowhere, he was suddenly charged by a cougar. His Golden Retriever, aptly named Angel, quickly leaped to the defense of Austin, warding off the wild animal. This gave Austin enough time to run to safety, and his family called 911 so the police could come and take care of the wild animal. Poor Angel was hurt badly from the encounter with the cougar, but thankfully she made a full recovery.


Cat saves 4-year-old boy from a dog attack

Cat saves boy

Tara the ‘hero cat’ saved a four-year-old boy, called Jeremy Triantafilo, from a scary dog attack in California. The incident was actually caught on surveillance video. The neighbor’s dog had escaped from their home and grabbed the boy from behind. Remarkably, the cat jumped on the dog and chased it away.


Little Joe versus the Black bear

Little Joe

As famous dogs go, Little Joe, a Yorkshire terrier, has caused quite a bit of hype. It is not every day that you see a tiny six-pound dog chase a 100-pound black bear from someone’s home! Little Joe was worried that the black bear was going to take his food, and there was no way he was going to stand for that. Not only did he protect his dinner, but also he saved his owner in the process.


Dog saves a girl from suicide

running dog

One girl in China, age 13-years-old, tried to commit suicide by jumping from the roof of the house she shared with her family. Roman, her dog, played an enormous part in rescuing the teenager. The dog was pacing anxiously behind her, barking and tugging her clothes. In truly dramatic and frightening scenes, the girl ended up dangling from the edge of the roof, but Roman latched onto her shirt and yanked her up to safety.


Dog leads police to a burning home

german ShepardLast but not least, we have the tale of an incredible dog that led police to a burning home, saving those inside. This occurred in 2010, when a workshop caught fire. The owner of the workshop, Ben Heinrich, said that he turn to his dog, a German shepherd called Buddy, and said that they need to get help. He said he wasn’t commanding his dog, simply exclaiming out loud. However, Buddy actually ran off and got the help that was required. Buddy running out onto the road and signalling for attention was caught on a state trooper’s dashboard, meaning Ben was able to get the assistance he needed and the fire was prevent from spreading to the family’s home.

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